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 COMPANY: Przedstawicielstwo Handlowe  Tomasz Witkowski

 ADDRESS:. Cmentarna 24, 85-184 Bydgoszcz Kujawsko-Pomorskie


     Phone: +48-52-373-25-31

NIP :953-023-18-12,  REGON : 090 414 214,     Number of entry to the business: 24 518

Account: Bank Millennium SA O / Bydgoszcz Account number: 57 1160 2202 0000 0000 5750 0796

 Run his own business since 1990 and the scope of the activities carried out are mainly focus on the highest quality products and providing top quality service.

Dear Customer SAFELY WITH US - it means With us you risk not

So far, we acquired approximately 10 000 customers who have chosen our products and our services.

Through all those over 20 years of operation were validated by not only the market, customers, employees, but any type of formal verification: The Revenue, checks with the National Labour Inspectorate, the State Trade Inspection, Verification bank SANEPID, social security, etc.

Clearly defined and accepted our policy and the mission activities Witkowski-Group is to:

"Provide the Highest Quality Products and Services
Highest Quality that will make the satisfaction of our customers. "

 In today's era of excessive advertising and product oversupply client may be subject to a colorful, attractive advertising on TV or in the ubiquitous Internet. The decision to purchase a product from a source and unproven quality customer may cost a lot of financial losses and a lot of effort and wasted time. To recover lost money and customers health - Witkowski -Group proposes:


               Dear Customer SAFELY WITH US

Our offices, consultants, website, online store and service the threnody of almost all Polish are always open for customers on the consultation, assistance and answer any questions they would like to ask:

Preferably, however, meet with clients personally to try out, test the quality of our goods and services on-site customer: that is, in the home, apartment, office, clinic, hospital, etc.

(Request a free consultation and Testing Click on this link and print the report:

In a way, is it not better to check before buying a product in person than watching on TV advertising, browsing the Internet or reading a newspaper and make a decision with a high degree of risk?!

Buying over the Internet is guaranteed by the Witkowski-Group honesty, reliability and guaranteed quality.

Dear Customer - If you are unhappy about it immediately tell us about it or write, and when we meet your expectations please tell it to their families, friends and acquaintances.

Sincerely and respectfully

Witkowski-Team Group


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