FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


As iRobot Roomba run first?


 When first used, regardless of the initial battery charge must be resolved by running iRobot Roomba cleaning cycle, until the red button illumination CLEAN and spontaneous stop, which tell Roomba emits the sound or says the voice message is available in the selected language. Then you start loading the robot is directly connected to the power supply (without docking station), the whole night, but min. 16 hours.


How to care for iRobot Roomba?


Check the degree of contamination of brushes and clean them with the best after each cleaning. Emptying the dirt and clean the filter preferably after each cleaning. iRobot Roomba contains electronic parts so clean it only with a dry cloth or allow to be flooded with water iRobot. It is recommended to fully charge the battery iRobot Roomba before each cleaning cycle


How does the Roomba cleans up?


 Roomba is a robot that cleans differently than most people, dusting your floors. Roomba uses artificial intelligence to efficiently clean the whole floor, around the legs and under furniture and along walls. Roomba calculates the optimal cleaning path and decides how to select the operating mode for the most effective cleaning.


Spiral: Roomba moves in a spiral.
Movement along the walls: Roomba uses this mode for the entire circuit-cleaning room, to bypass the furniture and other obstacles.
Movement across the room: Roomba moves in straight lines crossing the room to ensure full coverage of the surface cleaning.
The sensor dirt: When the sensor detects a bigger dirt surface contamination, the blue light lights up dirt, and Roomba will clean more intensely there.
Roomba features a patented 3-stage cleaning system.




Which Roomba cleans surfaces?


Thanks to the unique technology in the robot 'iAdapt' Roomba automatically adjusts to different floor types. Technology 'iAdapt', which does not have any other cleaning robot Roomba allows iRobotowi mode adapted to the type of cleaning the surface, so Roomba cleans hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, rugs, carpets, rugs.


Does Roomba can clean up in different modes?


Roomba has three cleaning modes. The robot will change them depending on which method you choose:


The method of cleaning the entire surface (CLEAN button selection) During cleaning Roomba automatically calculates the room size and approximately adjusts cleaning. In this mode, Roomba will clean the room up to about 25 minutes regardless of its surface.
The method of cleaning a local (selection button SPOT)
Pressing the SPOT cause the Roomba will perform spiral movements in the area with a diameter of 1 meter and the same circular motion returns to the starting location, intensely cleaning the localized area.
The method of cleaning with programming (model 550 and higher) Roomba starts cleaning the programmed time. The iRobot Roomba operating programmed mode will be informed issued by it from time to time traffic lights. The user-specified time, Roomba leaves its base, and after the cleaning cycle returns to the station to recharge the battery.


What are the characteristics in the model container AeroVac iRobot Roomba 564 Pet Series?


The technology used in AeroVac maximizes air flow through the cleaning head iRobot Roomba, allowing more of the contaminants, especially pet hair from the brush is sucked straight into the dirt container. A single cell can accommodate more dirt, which makes the container needs emptying less often




What is a Virtual Wall?


Virtual wall can reduce the Roomba robot work space defined only by the user and blocks the places where the Roomba is not allowed to enter. Virtual Wall creates an invisible barrier that Roomba does not exceed. Virtual wall may block the space from 0 to 3 meters. A small ring-shaped beam around the virtual wall, protects the robot from hitting emitting device, while the larger radius, cone-shaped apartment block spaces to which you do not want Roomba rode.




What is a Virtual Lantern?


Virtual beacons to help keep the house iRobot Roomba. They help to find a docking station, and also allow for cleaning up a room and then joined a start to the next and the next task. Virtual lantern can also be operated under a virtual wall, thereby reducing the work done only to the space defined by the user and blocks the places where the Roomba is not allowed to enter


Does Roomba saying?


iRobot Roomba transmit voice messages from a few to a dozen languages, including Polish, in some models.


What is the iRobot Roomba cleaning efficiency?


iRobot Roomba cleans floors with more surface coverage accuracy to 98%. A man in a traditional vacuum cleaner cleans up at the same time less than 80% of the area.


What is the 'Anti Tangle System'?


It is a system to prevent screwing up carpet tassels or wires in a brush device. When iRobot Roomba senses that in her brush something wkręciło automatically stop their work.


Does Roomba fall down stairs?


With the detector of 'Cliff Detect "Roomba does not fall down the stairs, and other faults or edges.


How does the Roomba versed in space?


iRobot Roomba realizes monitoring the space in which it moves more than 60 times per second, using the order of about 40 touch sensors, infrared and radio. Thanks to them, does not fall down the stairs, follow along the walls, visiting the feet of chairs, tables, beds, etc. just cleaning up around them. Roomba with sensors able to estimate the size of the room sprzątanego and degree of contamination in order to choose the optimum time and mode of operation.




Does Roomba realizes that the place should clean up detail?


Thanks to the sensors, called "Dirt Detect" Roomba can detect and clean more dirt soiled area until it is clean.


Does cleaning the Roomba hits the obstacles?


Roomba comes with the bumper with a touch sensor that makes sense, when approaching obstacles such as furniture. Then release to clean up space on the way and around obstacles, only lightly touching it.



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